why are women’s shampoo shaped like dildos

I had no idea how a women’s shampoo bottle was connected to a dildo, and why they seemed to be shaped in such an interesting way. I started asking around and nobody could give me a reasonable explanation. I kept thinking about why a shampoo bottle would be designed so similarly to a dildo until I did a little research of my own and it changed my view entirely!

When I stumbled across the answer, I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. Women’s shampoo was shaped to resemble dildos not because of some marketing campaign gone wrong, but because the same company designs and produces both items. A lot of the same materials were used for both products, which is why they were so similar.

WOW Male Masturbator Vibrating Sleeve INSANE Realistic Feel Pocket Pussy Stroker | eBayAnd, of course, I had to ask the question: why was it so important to have a shampoo bottle look like a dildo? Well, when it comes down to it, it’s a matter of convenience and efficiency. When you twist open a women’s shampoo bottle, it’s just the right size and shape to fit perfectly in your palm. Plus, you can use the end to massage your scalp and make sure the shampoo lathers perfectly. In effect, it’s replacing the need for a scalp massage brush and making the shampooing process much more complete.

It might seem like an odd comparison, but it really works. The shape allows for easy application and makes it easier to get an even distribution of shampoo. The dildo-like shape reinforces the idea that it’s specifically made for women, giving them a sense of ownership over the product. It also creates a more enjoyable, sensual experience for customers when they massage it into their hair.

But, I was still curious to know what others felt about a shampoo bottle shaped to look like a dildo. Through a few conversations with friends, I discovered that the majority felt it was a clever way to distinguish a product as “made for women”. Most also agreed that, in order to truly appreciate the design innovation, you had to use and experience the product itself.

One thing is for certain: whether you think it’s ingenious or just plain weird, you can’t deny the genius behind the dildo shaped shampoo bottle. The combination of practicality and pleasure it brings is undeniable and sex dolls it certainly revolutionized the way I look at my regular beauty products. To top it off, it also opens up new possibilities for further design innovation.