what sex toys bring vacation

My friend, you just can’t beat a good old-fashioned holiday to get away from it all and who knows, maybe your sex life could be the perfect thing to make it extra special? That’s why I think sex toys can definitely bring a vacation to life!

My partner and I recently packed up our bags and headed on our vacation with sex toys in tow. Needless to say, we had some incredible experiences that transformed our holiday from something ordinary to something extraordinary. We headed into a lingerie store with a newfound confidence, had quite a few adventures of our own, and even indulged in a hotel hot tub session.

It’s amazing how a few kinky tools can really get your juices flowing. The anticipation as you pull the box out of your suitcase, the excitement of trying out something new, and the sheer pleasure of having your body explored in ways you never had before – it’s truly marvelous to experience!

I noticed that even the anticipation of bringing sex toys on vacation improved my partner’s and my moods immediately. We were more optimistic, joking and laughing, feeling more relaxed and connected. As the days went by, Penis Rings it brought us even closer and fostered a bond that’s hard to put into words.

What really surprised me is that sex toys can add just as much pleasure when used on your own as they do when used with a partner. Whether it’s solo travel or a romantic vacation, there’s no doubt that sex toys can heighten the senses and add a real thrill to the whole experience.

Not only did sex toys make our holiday even more enjoyable, but it also lead us to have some truly unforgettable conversations. We opened up to each other in a way that was quite unexpected and were able to discuss our hopes and dreams in a way we had never done before.

We truly had an unforgettable time while our adult toys were with us, arguably extending the vacation from a few days to at least a week. Who knew something as small as a sex toy could truly make someone’s vacation that much better?

Speaking of flavors, one of the most colorful sex toys we bought for our vacation was a pair of tiny rainbow-colored cigarillos which had a distinctly sweet flavor. We used these both in the traditional way as well as in some interesting new ways. My partner put one of the cigarillos into a plastic tube and inserted it into my anus as a surprise one night – it was truly liberating!

We also had some interesting experiences with handcuffs and straps, although not in the traditional manner. I found that using the handcuffs and straps were great for adding sensation during foreplay – it really helped me to explore new levels of pleasure. And don’t even get me started on the amazing experience we had with an inflatable doll everyone warned us against. Trust me, you really just have to try it to know just how liberating it can be!

At the end of the day, using sex dolls toys on vacation is entirely up to the couple, but if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, I say go for it! My partner and I both agreed that adding sex toys was certainly one of the best decisions we made this vacation, and we’re already planning our next holiday with a few extra additions from our toy collection.