sex doll walking

My friend, I can’t believe what I’m seeing! I witnessed a bustle in the city; Sex Dolls walking around without a care. Back in my hometown who’d have thought it? Being the curious person I am I decided to observe and take some pictures of the dolls.

They stood as tall as 4 feet with tight scenes, big doe eyes, long lashes, a handmade face and hair. I was impressed that they could walk around without any assistance; they had so many features! Even though they were robots but they looked so real from the outside, it was almost as if the dolls had real personalities.

The people in the area were equally impressed, some would stop and sex toys look at them while others just passed by without even noticing. To think about it; what an amazing advancement in technology. I mean, who would have thought that we would ever see something as outrageous as this.

Seeing them around made me think of all the stories I heard about sex dolls replacing relationships. For all I know, nobody ever believed that the robots would be able to walk around. But, here they were, strutting their stuff in public as if it were nothing.

I couldn’t help but wonder; is this what people really want? Robots to fulfill their fantasies and desires? What would happen if these dolls were to overtake relationships? Would people even stand a chance?

As I continued watching, I noticed something else. People were actually interacting with the sex dolls. Some were just staring, others were touching them and getting close while there were even those who would talk to them as if they were real.

These robots were designed to look like humans and as long as they were not violating any laws, who am I to judge if someone feels better talking to a robot than to another person? After all, it’s up to the individual how they want to deal with their loneliness.

Maybe these robots could actually be to someone’s benefit. They can help people cope with dementia and Alzheimer’s, provide comfort to those who are disabled and provide companionship to those who are completely alone.

For all we know, these robots could actually help those who are struggling emotionally, or those who desperately need a companion but always seem to get rejected.

My mind was spinning and all I could think of were the implications of these robots walking around public. On one hand, it’s an interesting technological advancement. On the other hand, it’s a piece of technology that has the potential to replace relationships and make people more isolated. We’ll just have to wait and see.