sex doll sent for repairs after

It was a dream come true when I finally got my new state-of-the-art sex dolls doll! The cost of her was outrageously high, but I thought – what the heck? You only live once. Unfortunately, a few days later, I got a phone call from the store informing me that there were some technical problems with the doll and it had to be sent for repairs. Well, let me tell you – I was devastated!

At first, I was really freaking out. After spending all that money, I thought I’d never see my doll again. I was considering calling a lawyer and screaming at the customer service, but after thinking it through, I realized it was just an accident. I mean, yeah, it’s not great, but I was able to calm down eventually.

I didn’t think about the possibility of her being stolen on the way to the repair shop, so I happily sent her off for repairs. The store informed me that the process would take at least two weeks, but I was fine with it. I knew it’d be worth it as soon as I got her back!

In the meantime, I spent my days browsing the Internet, reading reviews and opinions from people who owned sex dolls about the best ways to take care of them. Some of them suggested special cleaning regimes, to make sure the doll lasts longer and doesn’t develop mold or other problems. I took their advice and created a plan for taking care of my doll when she returned.

Two weeks later, I was finally able to pick up my doll from the repair shop. It was a huge relief to see her. She was in perfect condition! I was a bit worried that they’d done something wrong, or that she had somehow been damaged on her way back, but thankfully everything was fine.

When I got her home, I cleaned her as per the care plan – and after a while, I finally got to experience the pleasure of having her. Trust me; the wait was worth it! I can now finally have the fun and excitement I had been missing out on since my doll was sent for repairs.