Whim by Pelle – Silicone Cushion Stimulator Grinder


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Feel something new with Whim – it’s not a vibrator – Whim is designed for squishing and grinding on. 

Whim is a set of two incredibly soft, squishy silicone toys, designed to envelop and caress the vulva.

The pair of grinders are double-sided giving you four different surfaces to play on. Whim’s waves and grooves give you a variety of sensations and intensity to explore. 

Enjoy solo or with a partner.

  • pillowy soft
  • for external play
  • silky smooth silicone
  • handmade in USA

    Get in the Mood with the Whim Duo

    Cup Ripple or Dune in the palm of your hand, bring out the water-based lube.

    Caress, slide, and pulse into your body.

    Take a Ride

    Awaken your senses and enjoy a gentle build towards a climax.

    Whim is perfect for grinding. Place on a pillow or comfortable surface, find your way on top and start moving (trust us…).


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