TransTape MEDIUM / 4 inch width


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Do you LOVE or NEED to bind your chest but HATE the straps, compression and restriction it puts on your body? Do you have a hard time breathing while binding? Are you nervous someone will see the shape of your binder under your shirt and then they will “know”? Do you miss participating in normal activity, exercising, going to the gym or swimming?

Designed with you in mind, TransTape is breathable material that will leave you feeling free and confident in your own body. TransTape is waterproof and sweat proof meaning it can be worn in the shower, the pool, and even in the ocean!

Simply apply TransTape to your sternum, cover your breast tissue and adhere the tape to under your armpit for a chest masculinization that will have you loving your body.

TransTape does not compress the body, lungs or organs. It is intended for multiple day use. It is safe to sleep in and does not restrict breathing. 


  • 4 inches wide – size recommended for any body with an B-C cup.
  • 16.5 feet in length and can last for 1-3 months depending on activity level, chest size and how often you need to change your tape.
  • Average use for 1 roll is 2 months  
  • Rolls are UNCUT! Less wasted product and money!
  • Made of a matte material, resulting in a more natural looking chest. 

Do NOT wrap TransTape all the way around your torso, only apply from the sternum to under the armpit.

WARNING: Improper use of TransTape can cause adverse short- and long-term side effects. This method is safest when used correctly. Please read all instructions before application or contact us for more information. TransTape should not be used on broken or open skin. Doing so may cause additional irritation, blisters, and open sores which could lead to infection if not properly treated. Consult a doctor if you experience any signs of infection including fevers, chills, discharge, or vomiting. TransTape should never be fully wrapped around the torso, please refer to application video and inserts. Rare but possible signs of rib deformity include shortness of breath, chest pain, or abnormal breathing. Please cease use and contact your physician if you experience any of these symptoms.

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