They-ology Wearable Silicone Anal Trainer (5 Piece Set)



Ease yourself into the sensational world of anal stimulation with the They-ology™ 5-Piece Wearable Anal Training Set. This unique set includes 5 wearable anal training probes meant to let you safely and comfortably increase pleasure with every use.

Each probe in the kit gradually increases in length and girth and is finished with a flexible flanged base for comfort, easy of mobility and ease of use.

The flexible probes are made from a smooth, seamless premium silicone. This body safe material is unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots happy and healthy.

  • Designed for easy training and comfortable daily wear
  • 5-piece Silicone anal dilator set for gradual dilation
  • Unique, wearable design for easy mobility
  • Pliable and durable for comfortable, safe insertion
  • Anal training guide from Dr. Sherry included
  • Materials: Silicone
  • 1 Year Warranty

To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of anal play has to offer, training is in order to ensure safety and satisfaction.

Getting Started with Anal Dilators
Start with the smallest size dilator in your kit. Begin by washing your plug with a fragrance free soap and warm water. Using a water-based lubricant, generously lubricate the dilator, as the rectum does not have the ability to self-lubricate. Lie on your side with your knees bent toward your chest. Use your dominant hand to reach around to your anus to insert the dilator. Relax, take some deep breaths, and gently insert the anal dilator.

If you have any bleeding or discomfort during insertion, don’t force it. Forcing the dilator will cause your anus to tighten. Once inside, gently move the dilator in a circular motion or back and forth in a thrusting motion to gently stretch your muscles. Be sure to reapply with lube each time you remove the dilator and start again.

Increasing Your Dilator Size
The goal of using an anal dilator is to increase the size of the dilator slowly and comfortably to train, expand, and gently stretch the muscles for additional comfort and pleasure. When you can insert one dilator size entirely without any discomfort, then you should start using the next size up. The goal is to insert the largest size dilator without any discomfort. When removing the dilator, be gentle on the withdrawal, just like on the insertion. Relax, take your time, breath, and gently tug. You may feel your body resisting, which is normal, just continue slowly and carefully pull the dilator out.


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