Holster Silicone Extender



The Holster is an extender or PPA, which is hollow-shaped to fit over a dildo or penis to add girth and length. Not too big, not too small – with measurements of 5-7/8” X 2-1/8” on the outside and 4-1/2” X 1-3/8” on the inside, it’s size falls nicely between the Colossus Extender and Ride On Extender.

Made using ultra supple platinum silicone, the hole for the testicles/balls has the ability to stretch for comfortable stable stroking.

This item comes with a one year warranty.


– Roll the sleeve one third of the way down.
– Apply lubricant to the inside of the Colossus Extender and your penis/dildo.
– Squeeze out the air.
– Place your penis/dildo into the opening and gradually release the pressure.
– Unroll the Colossus Extender to the base.
– Pull the scrotum/balls through the hole.
– Pull to one side and push through one testicle/ball.
– Repeat with the other.

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