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The Tommy 4-in-1 prosthetic is designed as a Pack & Play STP. The Tommy is molded off of real genitalia so it looks and feel extremely realistic and the higher end silicone passes the “grab test.” Each one is hand poured in Portland, Oregon! Tommy’s cup was created specifically with a tuck tab to make it easier for peeing without spills has a perfect surface to fit against your body or in a harness. 

Dimensions:  5″ shaft length x 4 3/8″ Girth. 


Pack: Specially designed to fold in the middle for packing.

Pee:  Balls are a sturdy cup for stable urination. 

Play: Add the new 3.5″ erection rod to make the shaft erect. This is not designed for the Tommy but we found it works nicely. Add lube for easy insertion & removal. Do not push all the way in or you will tear the softer silicone tip. The Tommy 2-N-1 , designed with firmer silicone, is ideal for play.

Pleasure:  Add a B-Cush to increase wearer stimulation.


Choose a shade or two darker than your overall skin tone, as cis male genitalia is typically darker than the rest of the body. The Tommy is unpainted (solid color silicone).

Packing: TRUHK Brief  |  TRUHK Boxer 

Play: We recommend this model with our 1.5″ O-ring diameter harnesses for play. See harness features for O-ring sizes.

Note: When packing tuck the shaft in the interior pocket & then slide through the O-Ring for play. This will help prevent the shaft from continual rubbing on the O-Ring which may tear the softer silicone.


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