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Now available in soft and firm silicone! Choose soft if you mostly use for packing, choose firm if you mostly use for play.

The Dominator 4-in-1 is perfect for those wanting a larger prosthetic for pack, pee, pleasure and play.  Molded off of real genitalia, the Dominator 4-in-1 is detailed, realistic and made of high quality silicone for a natural feel. 

The Dominator 4-in-1 is 8″ in length measured from base of the prosthetic to the tip, shaft length is 7″, girth (circumference) of 5 1/2″ and a diameter of 1.75″.  


Pack: Specially designed to fold in the middle for packing.

Pee:  Balls are a sturdy cup for stable urination. 

Play: Jointed Rod is included with purchase. 

Tip: Add lube for easy insertion & do not push all the way in or you may tear the softer silicone tip.

Pleasure:  Add a B-Cush to increases stimulation during play.


Choose a shade or two darker than your overall skin tone, as cis male genitalia is typically darker than the rest of the body. The Dominator is unpainted (solid color silicone).

Packing: TRUHK Brief  |  STP JOCK

Play: We recommend this model with our 1.5″ O-ring diameter harnesses for play. See harness features for O-ring sizes.

Note: When packing tuck the shaft in the interior pocket & then slide through the O-Ring for play. This will help prevent the shaft from continual rubbing on the O-Ring which may tear the softer silicone.

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