Erect 12



Designed for play, this custom erect dildo is available in two options:

1. Silicone Only: features a firm yet flexible inner core that always stands at attention. This is great for play, but not suitable for packing.

2. Embedded “flexible rod”: allows you to adjust the position of the shaft – up, down, side to side (see video). The flexible rod gives you the option to pack down (with a firm appearance). As the rod is jointed, it does have an audible “click” when adjusting (additional charge) – the pleasure pocket can not be added with this option. 

The shaft has precise color blending and detailed textured veins.

These balls feel amazing, you won’t want to stop squishing them! Special gel allows the spheres within to float freely when you squeeze, which provides an extremely realistic feel. You can deform the sack and it will bounce back within seconds; pressing down on this prosthetic scrotum reveals color and texture between the layers.

Material: Medical grade silicone

Dimensions: Insertable Length: 6.5 in (16.5 cm)  | Diameter: 1.81 in (4.6 cm) |Girth: 5.7 in (14.5 cm) Weight: 17 oz (530 g)

*We recommend this model with our 2.0″ O-ring diameter harnesses. See harness features for O-ring sizes.

NOTE: Will not ship immediately: Production process time 1-2 weeks!

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