penis pump ring too big

When I first heard about the penis pump ring, I was excited.​ I mean, sex toys it seemed like a great idea – it was a way to enhance my size and give me more confidence.​ Little did I know that the size of the ring was way too big for me and it almost ruined my sex life.​

I remember putting the ring on and it felt so tight.​ I felt like it was going to cut off the circulation to my penis.​ But I just couldn’t get it off.​ I tried numerous times with no luck.​ I had to call my friend over to help me get it off.​ When I explained what happened, my friend just laughed and said he wished he had the same problem.​

My friend eventually got the ring off but it was a lot of work.​ It took about an hour and I was in a lot of pain.​ Not to mention, I was embarrassed.​ I felt like such an idiot for not paying attention to the size of the ring before I bought it.​ I stopped using the penis pump ring after that.​

I ended up researching penis enlargement and I found out that there are other options available.​ For starters, penis exercises.​ They are a lot less painful than using a penis pump ring and you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size.​ With Penis Rings exercises, you just follow a routine and you can effectively increase your size over time.​

I also read up on natural enlargement herbs and vitamins.​ They can help increase the blood flow and oxygen to your penis.​ These herbs and vitamins can be taken safely and you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size.​

And then there are penis extenders.​ They provide a gentle stretching force on your penis, allowing for consistent gains over time.​ Unlike the penis pump ring, these extenders don’t require any size guesswork.​

So as you can see, there are plenty of options for men who want an enlarged penis.​ I feel like I’ve learned a lot from my mistake and it’s nice to know that I still have a lot of options available for enlargement.​