I’ll admit it, the thought of male masturbator sex toys always made me feel a bit embarrassed.​ My buddy had one and he was always talking about it, but that didn’t make it any less awkward to think about.​

But then, I finally decided to try one out and I’m so glad I did.​ In hindsight, the idea of it wasn’t nearly as weird as I thought it would be.​ Male stroker sex toys are simple and straightforward to use, extremely pleasurable, and totally enjoyable.​

The first time I used one, I was a bit hesitant.​ It was unfamiliar and kind of embarrassing.​ But after a few minutes, I discovered the particular pleasure of stroker sex toys.​ The range of sensations and the wallless stimulation felt amazing and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it sooner.​

After a few sessions, I found myself hooked.​ Stroker sex toys, I learned, are far more than—to borrow an idiom—meeting the bare necessities.​ They’re sleek and luxurious, ergonomic and almost sensual in how they fit in my hand.​ They provide intense pleasure that, in many ways, mimics the real thing.​

Another great thing about strokers: they give you control.​ Forget spending a night with someone not knowing what to do or how to please them.​ Male masturbator stroker sex toys let you practice and master different techniques.​ Give it a few uses and you can literally become an expert in pleasuring someone.​

As if that wasn’t enough, strokers allow you to experiment in ways you may not want to—or be able to—do with another person.​ With a toy, it’s no problem to indulge in a bit of fantasy, explore areas of pleasure you didn’t know you had, and try stimulating techniques at whatever pace you like.​ And just like that, I was an avid stroker enthusiast.​

The versatility of stroker sex toys is truly phenomenal.​ From simple sleeves to motorized contraptions that come with a boatload of settings and programs, they can activate every nerve in your body.​ Plus, you can use lubes to add to the sensation.​

I’ve been using male masturbator stroker sex toys for a while now.​ I have actually come to favor using a stroker over sex with a partner.​ Despite all the ecstasy of partner sex, there’s nothing like having complete control over your pleasure.​ With a stroker, you don’t even have to worry about the other person or believe that you have to accommodate their desires instead of your own.​ When I want to refine techniques, take it slow and savor every pleasurable moment, or go wild and explore new sensations, a stroker is there for me.​

I’m also a fan of the lifelong benefits of stroker sex toys.​ It strengthens my pelvic floor muscles, which improves my core strength, increases my ability to orgasm, and makes sex dolls during partner play better and more intense than before.​ Plus it just feels incredible!

Aside from all that, strokers are fast becoming a must-have for the bedroom.​ Once you experience the pleasure of stroker sex toys, you can guarantee that you’ll be hooked.​ They make considerably better solo play and can even add additional flavor to partner play.​ In short, they’re truly the ultimate pleasure accessory.​