how to use a prostate sex toy

My story of using a prostate sex toy starts off with receiving it in the mail. Upon opening the box I was really intrigued by the design of the toy. It was big and sex dolls made of a chocolate brown soft material. After taking it out of the box, I was eager to try it out for the first time.

I heard from a friend that I should relax before trying the prostate toy, so I took a hot bath and lit some candles. I wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere to make myself feel comfortable. After getting in the bath I started feeling really aroused and started touching myself. I felt my body relax and I was ready to insert the toy.

Using plenty of lube,I very carefully inserted the toy. I felt slight discomfort at first, but it quickly went away. I started to rock my hips back and forth and could feel the vibrations of the toy reaching my most sensitive spot. The feeling was incredible. I was really surprised at how good it felt and how aroused it made me feel.

After a few minutes, I was starting to reach a climax but I decided to take a break and take out the toy. I felt a mixture of pleasure and relief wash over me. I wanted to feel the pleasure and sensations I experienced again, so I decided to use the toy every once in a while. Now, that I had a routine, I started to use the toy regularly.

Every time I inserted the toy, I felt my body relax and go into an aroused state. I even started to experiment and use different positions when inserting the toy. Trying different positions allowed me to reach different spots and create even more intense sensations.

I also started to use different lubes and creams to make the experience even better. The lube added more pleasure to the experience and made it more enjoyable. I was really surprised at how different types of lube could create different sensations and even make the experience more intense.

I also experimented with different speeds when rocking my hips which allowed me to reach different climaxes. I was really happy with the toy and started to feel like I was in control. I also realized how important it was to be relaxed and release all of the tension that I was holding in my body.

The prostate toy allowed me to explore and discover new ways to please myself. I loved how there were different types of lubes and creams that could change the texture and sensation of the sexual experience. I also loved the feeling of being in control and how I could reach different climaxes and have different sexual experiences every time.

Sex Toys in Delhi | Online Sex Toys Store |Call: +91 9555592168I was amazed at how different types of positions, speeds and lubes could make a big difference in the pleasure I received. I loved that I could experiment with the toy and create new and exciting sensations. It was a great way to explore and Penis Rings express my sexuality and I felt really empowered because of it.