how to sell used sex toys

I recently made the decision to sell my used sex toys. Selling items that you’ve had sex with might seem a little weird or uncomfortable, but it can actually be quite empowering. This is something that has always interested me, and after doing some research into the topic, I decided I’d give it a go.

First of all, I did some research about the safest and most ethical ways to do this. I mainly sourced my information from online guides, such as ones from progressive sex toy shops, which are very welcome to the idea of selling secondhand toys. I took some pointers from these, before giving myself a thorough refresher on the basics of safety and ethical selling.

Before listing my stuff, I took a deep breath and prepared myself. I was actually quite excited, as I felt a bit like a kid who was about to make their first online sale. I decided to be as open and honest as possible, even if it made me feel a bit vulnerable. I be sure to check over any nuances of the sale I was about to make, making sure to read the terms and conditions before going live with my listing.

I then worked out my target market. These days, there are a lot of people out there looking for secondhand sex toys. Obviously, there are those who are shopping on a budget or who can’t afford to buy new, but there are some people out there who are eco-conscious and prefer second-hand items; plus, there are some who are simply curious about the process of buying a used sex toy.

I did consider selling locally but for the sake of safety I go online. I used a reputable sex toy shop as the platform for selling. I read the guidelines, and was sure to set up things like shipping and payment information. I made sure not to overprice my items. I had also sanitized everything before listing it, as I want the person who purchased to have peace of mind. I also included a list of all of the contents with every listing.

Once all this was complete, I released my listings and watched my inbox for interested buyers. It felt a bit like hitting refresh button a thousand times! Surprisingly, I had a few interested buyers quite quickly, which was exciting to see.

The next step was to handle the payments. First, I had to ask potential buyers to address me through the platform, as this allows me to stay protected. I also made sure to check their payment details, so that I didn’t lose out on any money. Once a sale was complete, I made sure to send out the item right away!

After that, I was able to go back to the platform and leave some feedback for the buyers and, of course, thank them for trusting me to purchase something from me. I also made sure to reach out to them and ask them for any feedback they might have. It was especially satisfying to read the positive reviews some of my buyers left for me.

All in all, dildos selling my used sex toys was much easier and much more fun than I thought! It’s a great way to make a bit of extra money, while also helping someone else get a really great deal.