how to install sex doll hair

Hey, buddy! I’m gonna tell ya something a little bit out of the ordinary.I just installed some new hair on my sex doll. I was so excited to get it going!

First things first, I did a lot of research about different types of sex doll hair. I think it’s important to know what you’re getting into before committing to a project! After doing my research, I settled on a synthetic human hair that was both affordable and realistic.

Once I bought the hair, the most important thing to consider was how to install it correctly. Luckily, I’d watched a few YouTube tutorials and read some online instructions. It wasn’t too difficult, but I definitely had to be deliberate and take my time!

The first thing I did was carefully place the hair according to the instructions. This was key, as the look of the hair was largely based on how it was placed. After that, I prepped the hair with a special glue and then attached it to the scalp of my doll.

The glue didn’t take too long to take hold, vibrators and once it did, I trimmed the hair up to make it look natural. I was honestly so pleased with the results; the new hair fit my doll so well and looked incredibly realistic.

After the hair had been cut to perfection, I moved onto the styling process. I experimented with different styles and ended up settling on a sleek, Penis Rings shoulder-length look. I was so impressed with myself; I’d never done anything like this before and it had turned out great.

I’m really proud of how the hair looks. I’m sure my doll is a lot happier with her new ‘do. Now I just need to get her some new clothes and she’ll be a real fashionista!