how sit on big anal dildos

My experience with sit-on dildos was a journey full of surprises. I had heard about them on the internet and was intrigued but didn’t have the guts to try it out! That is until one day when I walked into an adult store and spotted a huge selection of big anal dildos! With a bit of nervousness, I grabbed one and took it home.

At first, I felt so awkward and embarrassed just looking at it that I almost took it back to the store. But I decided to give it a try hoping that I could overcome my fear. Little did I know that it would be an amazing and unique experience for me!

I held the dildo close to my body and slowly inserted it inside me. It took a few minutes for me to relax and get used to it. I must say that despite my initial awkwardness, it was a rather pleasurable sensation! I moved around a bit to get more comfortable and then just stayed still and enjoyed the moment. During this time the feeling kept getting more intense and finally I reached my peak of pleasure.

I was so surprised by the amazing experience that I wasn’t sure what to do next. I must say that if someone had told me about this before, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. But after my own first-hand experience, I was sure that sit-on dildos are a great way to get pleasure.

The feeling that you get when you sit on a big anal dildo is really something that cannot be put into words. All I can say is that if you ever feel like trying something new and out of the ordinary, I definitely recommend giving sit-on dildos a try. I’m sure that you will be amazed at the sensations that they bring. And who knows, maybe you will end up loving it as much as I do.

After my first experience with sit-on anal dildos, I became more curious and tried different sizes and shapes as well. I quickly discovered that bigger dildos give the most intense sensations and I enjoyed them the most. But then I realized something else was missing and that was the feeling of intimacy and closeness.

I decided to try butt plugs as they can help to enhance the pleasure and add an extra intimate touch to any anal sex session. I was surprised to find that my favorite plug was shaped and felt like a dildo and I was able to move around while enjoying the amazing sensations. It is amazing how butt plugs can be so versatile and each time I use them, I’m always in for a different experience.

Another thing I realized while using butt plugs was how smooth and slick they felt inside me. I usually add a bit of lube to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. Also, with the help of lube, I could easily move my hips and take my pleasure to the next level.

Another great thing about having a butt plug is that it helps to prepare your body for bigger anal toys, such as dildos. So if you find a big anal dildo too intimidating, then you can start off with smaller butt plugs and then move up from there. This way you will be able to fully enjoy the pleasure of sit-on dildos without any fear or hesitation.

As you can see, sit-on anal dildos have lots of great benefits and can provide amazing pleasure. You just have to find what works for you and get ready to explore all the wonderful sensations that these unique toys can provide. So why not give them a try and discover for yourself the amazing pleasure they can bring? You will definitely not regret it.Medical Plastics Sex Toys For Gay Rush Poppers Mask Fetish Bondage Adult Male Erotic Toy #E015C ...