how long do.​you clamp after using a.​penis.​pump

I had never given much thought to penis pumps until recently, when I decided to give it a try.​ I remember my first time using one: I was absolutely petrified! I had read all the warnings and reports about how to use and clamp safely, and my head was spinning as I attached the suction cup to my manhood.​ After an eternity of figuring out what I was doing, I placed the pump over my penis and clamped it.​

The pump began to work, and I could feel my skin stretching as it began to expand.​ I was both nervous and excited at the same time! Experience had told me that it’s very important to let the pump do its job, and not to clamp excessively.​ I’ve seen guys who have clamped for too long and caused permanent damage, so I was careful to keep an eye on the clock.​

After the initial stretching sensation had worn off, I left the pump clamped for 10 minutes as per the manufacturer’s instructions.​ After the timer went off, I removed the pump and noticed that my Penis Rings had doubled in size! I was thrilled! However, I was also keenly aware that I would need to keep an eye on my penis to make sure that any swelling or bruising subsided.​

I ended up staying clamped for a total of 15 minutes and, once I had removed the pump, I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself for taking the plunge and trying something new.​ To my surprise, I didn’t experience any soreness or discomfort — only relief!

It’s not hard to see why so many men are turning to penis pumps these days.​ Not only can they help you achieve bigger, longer lasting erections, but they can also help improve your confidence in the bedroom.​ Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to use.​

I’ve found that there’s no surefire way to determine the best amount of time for everyone.​ It really boils down to finding what works for you, and doesn’t cause any discomfort or prolonged pain.​ But no matter what, it’s important to make sure you don’t leave the pump clamped for longer than 20 minutes.​

After my first few tries, I decided to keep the periods of clamping to no more than 10 minutes — although I usually stay clamped for only 7 or 8 minutes.​ I have found this is sufficient enough to not only gain the desired benefits, but also to protect my penis from any long term damage.​

Another thing I always make sure to do post-pump is to take a warm bath.​ The hot water helps to reverse the swelling that sometimes happens after using a pump, and it also helps to soothe any itching or irritation that may occur.​

I have to admit that I’m a big fan of using penis pumps.​ They’re an incredibly effective tool for improving the size and performance of your Penis Rings, and when used responsibly, they’re also one of the safest ways to enhance your manhood.​