Hey there, I wanted to tell you about how I got my male masturbator with a bag.​ It was the best purchase of my life.​

At first it felt like a solidified brick of embarrassment.​ I had never bought a male masturbator before and I was really worried about getting caught.​ So I scoured the internet for the most discreet item possible.​ After hours of searching, I came across the perfect male masturbator with a bag.​

The bag was just the right size.​ The bag made it impossible for anyone to even guess what I was carrying.​ Plus the zipper was smoothly concealed and the pocket was strong enough to hold the masturbator Penis Rings in place.​

The male masturbator with a bag was also an incredibly discreet item.​ I could take it out in public and no one would even suspect what it really was.​ And that was really reassuring for me because I wanted to be able to take it wherever I went.​

The masturbator was also awesome.​ It was made of high quality materials that felt amazing against my skin.​ Plus the texture of it was so smooth that it felt like velvet.​ The design was also expertly crafted and it really provided me with intense sensations that I had never felt before.​

The bag also came with a few extra accessories.​ I was able to choose between different types of lubricants and some sex toys that made the experience even better.​

I’m really glad I took the plunge and bought a male masturbator with a bag.​ I know it can be scary to buy something like this but trust me, it’s worth it.​ The pleasure that it provides is truly out of this world.​ Plus, it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.​

So if you’ve been thinking about getting one for yourself, I’d highly recommend it.​ It may seem intimidating at first but it’s definitely worth it in the end.​