guy tries the water penis pump

My buddy had recently seen an ad for a water penis pump and asked me what I thought of it.​ At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the idea, but he insisted that it sounded like something that was worth trying, so I obliged.​ I figured that if it didn’t work out, then worst case scenario, I’d just be out a few bucks.​

The process was surprisingly simple, and the instructions were really easy to understand.​ I took the time to fit the device correctly on my penis, then filled the device with warm water.​ To my surprise, the sensation was really pleasant, like a sort of massage.​ It wasn’t painful at all, and it even felt kinda nice.​

After about ten minutes of using the water penis pump, I could definitely see and feel a difference.​ My penis felt much firmer, and the sensation of pleasure was much stronger.​ I felt like a new man – it was pretty remarkable.​

I wasn’t sure how long the results were going to last, but I could really tell a difference right away.​ I tried taking a few photos of my crotch area to see if the difference was visible.​ Sure enough, there was a noticeable difference in the size and appearance of my penis.​

My partner was amazed by the results the following day.​ She kept telling me how much more pleasure she was getting and how happy she was with the results.​ I was really happy too – it seemed like all the time and money I had invested had really paid off!

I continued to use the water penis pump for a few months, and the results just seemed to get better and better each time! I was really feeling confident with the size and strength of my penis, and I started recommending it to my friends.​

The best part was that I felt like I had more stamina and energy during sex dolls.​ I could last much longer, and my partner was really impressed.​ We both felt like it was a great investment.​

Overall, I’m really happy I tried out the water penis pump.​ For awhile, I had been thinking that my penis was “good enough”, so I never felt the need to try something like this.​ But now, I can honestly say that investing in the water penis pump was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.​

My friends asked me why I hadn’t tried it sooner and I just shrugged and grinned.​ I also enjoyed the sensation it gave me, and that played a big role in how satisfied I am with the results.​

I’m now using it on a regular basis and I’m getting even better results.​ I’m way more confident with the size and shape of my Penis Rings and my energy levels are significantly higher than before.​ The pump has made me more alert and it makes me horny at the same time.​

The sensation isn’t too strong or too light – it’s just right.​ When I’m done with the pump my penis feels amazing and looks great, like it always did.​ Plus, my partner loves it too! She’s really impressed with the results and keeps telling me how satisfied she is.​

I’m able to go longer and perform better during sex now, and it makes it so much easier to last longer.​ I’m even able to enjoy multiple orgasms with my partner and the satisfaction we both experience is incredible.​

The water penis pump has given me a whole new level of confidence in the bedroom.​ I’m aware of my body and I’m confident in my performance.​ I’m really glad I decided to give it a try and I would recommend it to anyone considering it.​