fort troff penis pump

I recently got my first Fort Troff penis pump and it has been life changing.​ When I heard about penis pumps, I was a little unsure about the idea – but wow, have I been amazed!

At first I was really intimidated by all the bits and pieces but the product page on the Fort Troff site made the process really simplified.​ I found the instructional video especially helpful and, after just a few tries, I was feeling totally comfortable with how it all worked.​

The pump itself has a really sleek design and a great feel.​ The suction is powerful, and it generates some really awesome sensations.​ After a few uses I could actually see some size gains, and sex dolls they’re staying with me.​ I feel so much more confident now and the best part is, my partner loves it too, so it’s like I’m getting double the benefits.​

Overall I’m really satisfied with my Fort Troff penis pump, it’s been great for me and I think it could be great for anyone else who’s considering it.​ Now I’m looking into other products from Fort Troff to add to my collection.​

In addition to the penis pump, I decided to try out some of their lubes as well.​ One of my favorites is their Maximus Anal Lube, which is really smooth and slippery.​ It makes everything much more comfortable and really allows me to explore the depths of pleasure.​

Another one I’ve been loving lately is their Waterslide Anal lubricant.​ This lube is perfect for those slippery experiences, and it stays slick for quite a while.​ It’s really easy to clean up and it doesn’t have a greasy residue like some other lubes.​

Fort Troff is really killing it when it comes to lubricants but that’s not all they have to offer.​ I recently got a few Fleshjacks from their site which have been absolutely amazing.​ I didn’t think anything could top the penis pump but these have definitely come close.​ The unique textures and vibrating components add new levels of pleasure.​

All in all, I’m really impressed with Fort Troff and all they have to offer.​ They have a great selection, the prices are fair, and the customer service is really helpful.​ I’m always looking forward to seeing what new products they release, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone there.​ If you’re looking for great sex toys and accessories, you won’t be disappointed.​