I know this might be a little off the wall, but do people actually use inflatable sex dolls? In all the movies I’ve come across with the topic as part of the story line, I never really thought anything of it. I’m still wondering how could anyone own an inflatable doll, let alone use it for sexual purposes?

If I’m being honest, my initial reaction was: eww…those are creepy! But then again, I’ve heard stories from people that have actually considered owning an inflatable doll as an alternative for companionship, and even sex with them. Like, are you serious right now? It was enough to give me the heebie-jeebies.

I mean, I get it. We all want to feel wanted and appreciated, but is this the only way to get those needs met? And in some cases, what about the mental and emotional toll of later regret, shame, or even guilt? Can an inflatable toy really provide intimacy or are people taking things too far?

I’d like to think that intimacy should require two people, and not just a medium like an inflatable doll. To me, it seems strange, and I can only speak for myself, but going that route would be lonely and feel more than somewhat weird. But then again, if it fits someone’s life style and choice, than it’s probably not mine to judge. Who am I to stand in the way of someone finding a companion they are comfortable with?

But if it did ever come to it, what kind of person would actually buy and use an inflatable sex doll? Is the person looking for a substitute lover out of desperation? Or perhaps, the person is searching for something they cannot find with other real-life human companions. I can only guess their reasons for wanting something like that.

Maybe it’s something deeper like some kind of emotional hang-up, or some kind of intimacy block. Whatever the case, I think it’s something to think twice about. Why go for an artificial solution if it’s only going to result in increased loneliness and sex dolls frustration?

I don’t get it, and I’m still confused. Can someone truly meet their needs of love, comfort, or intimacy with an object they have to inflate each time? If I’m being honest, I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand this concept.