I recently stumbled upon an article covering the absolute craziest sex toys. Can you use an apple as a sex toy? Surprisingly enough, the answer for this is yes! This got me wondering what would make this uncommon and unlikely object a viable option as an adult toy and what uses could make it an interesting addition to someone’s sexcapade!

Firstly I couldn’t wrap my head around how people could possibly use an apple as a sex toy. But after some research and introspection – as weird and strange as it may sound – I discovered certain advantages to using an apple as an alternative. For one, they are potentially available in almost any market or convenience store. This makes apples much easier and more accessible than other materials usually used to make sex toys, such as steel, glass or plastic. Additionally, apples are relatively cheap which further makes them a good choice for intimate play.

Moreover, apples come in all shapes and sizes. It’s really up to the individual as to what type of apple they use. It all depends on the size and shape you might require for your sex play. Some people may find an elongated apple to be more useful than others while some may opt for a round, plump one. Regardless of the type of apple you choose, they can all make interesting sex toys.

I also came across the plethora of ways in which one can use an apple as a sex toy. To start, some may explore the textures of the apple by using it to massage and caress different body parts. Doing this provides a unique sensation that you won’t get from regular sextoys. Additionally, you can also use it to penetrate different body parts if the apple is of the correct size. An apple can also be frozen and used as an ice-toy, providing a cooling sensation that may be pleasing to different individuals.

Moreover, there are other ways in which apples can be used. If you feel up to it, you can try playing with different temperatures and experiment with including other items into the mix. Such as getting a gelatin or melted chocolate to form a pocket over the apple, creating an edible version of the apple toy. Another option would be coring the apple and sex toys stringing a bead or two through it, turning it into a wonderful G-spot massager.

Furthermore, some may choose to go an even more extreme route and puncture the apple with a tool of their choosing, creating a more intense sensation. An apple can easily be transformed into a cockring or even used as a dildo. There are some who choose to use apples in BDSM and extreme play scenarios.

Regardless of the purpose and type of play, an apple can be used for a variety of activities and sexcapades. It is important to ensure that the apple you get is free of pesticides and chemicals, so as to maintain proper hygiene and safety. It is also important that you and your partner are safe while using the apple and make sure that everyone is comfortable with the activity.

It is also advised that you wash the apple with soap and hot water before and after use, and make sure that the apple is not over a year old. Doing this will help maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. With all these tips and tricks in mind, you can now explore a whole new world of sextoys.

So can you use apples as a sex toy? Absolutely! But, like with anything else, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons before embarking on any sexual activity. Make sure to research thoroughly and ensure that proper hygiene and safety are maintained when using apples as sextoys. In the end, the most important aspect of using apples should be having fun!