can you penis pump with high bp

I remember being asked by a buddy the other day if it is safe to use a penis pump if you have high blood pressure.​ This really had me scratching my head as I hadn’t heard of anyone ever doing it before.​ I was compelled to dive a little deeper into the topic to find out more.​

So, the first thing I did was ask my GP who, in turn, advised me against it.​ His reasoning behind it was that if you have high blood pressure, and then use a penis pump, the combination of the two is associated with a risk of blood vessel damage.​ This made logical sense to me, so I thought it prudent to understand a bit more about how a penis pump works and what it was intended for.​

I began to research the topic and discovered that a penis pump works by causing an erection with the help of a vacuum-like suction.​ This action encourages the blood to flow to the penis as the pressure difference pulls the interspersed blood cells around the shaft of the penis which results in an erection.​ It’s quite an interesting concept!

The penis pump can also be used for medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction, penile atrophy (smaller than average sized penis) and Peyronie’s (a bend in the shaft of the penis).​ However, it is highly recommended that you only use them with the supervision and guidance of a doctor, due to the risk of blood vessel damage.​

Given the risk of potential injury when using a penis pump with high BP, the risk may be greater than the reward.​ While some people may try it due to the appealing aesthetics of having an enlarged penis, it still presents a significant risk that may not be worth taking.​

As such, I have to admit that I’m still scratching my head when it comes to using a penis pump with high BP.​ My research did unearth a few cases of people who have used pumps with high BP but, this being said, I’m still not brave enough to try it! Compelled by personal curiosity, I continued to research the topic, and below I’ve outlined my findings.​

I discovered that there are a number of different penis pumps on the market, with some designed specifically for people with high BP.​ These pumps are known as vacuum-assisted constriction devices.​ They work by creating a vacuum around the penis with a suction cup that is placed over the base of the Penis Rings.​ This vacuum creates an artificial erection, allowing the user to gain some size and, potentially, better sex dolls.​

However, there is still the potential for blood vessels in the penis to be damaged when using a penis pump, which can be especially risky if you’re already dealing with high BP.​ Therefore, it is important that you consult your doctor before attempting to use any kind of penis pump.​ Even if you are using an approved device, you should still follow all instructions carefully, and be sure to limit your usage to the duration suggested by your physician.​

I then read that a penis pump may also be effective in increasing blood flow to the penis to promote better and longer-lasting erections even in people with lower blood pressure.​ Thus, rather than putting yourself at risk, it may be prudent to explore other options that could potentially achieve the same outcome.​

For instance, one alternative could be taking medication to reduce BP, such as nitrates or ACE inhibitors, which could lessen the impact of using a penis pump.​ Additionally, you could look into alternative lifestyle choices such as giving up smoking, exercising regularly, quitting drugs and alcohol, and maintaining a healthy diet.​

In the end, it really depends on what you want to achieve.​ If you’re looking to achieve a bigger size, there are times when penis pumps can be appropriate.​ Just be sure to discuss the specifics with your physician, so that you can explore the options that are available to you.​

The bottom line is that penis pumps are not intended to increase the size of a penis with high BP, and could actually put you at risk of increased blood vessel damage.​ If you are considering using a penis pump, it is important to consider doing so only under the supervision of a doctor.​ This way, you can weigh the pros and cons and ensure that you are making the decision that is best for your health and wellbeing.​