are silicon sex dolls cold

Well, this is a question that I get asked a lot. Are silicon sex dolls cold?

I’d have to say, in my experience, silicon sex dolls are nothing but cold – cold and lifeless. They don’t move or talk or do anything at all. All they do is sit there, in an eerie silence, just waiting to be used. And it’s a little creepy if you ask me.

I mean, you could certainly make the argument that they provide a certain level of comfort – in that you don’t have to worry about rejection or conversation or anything. But when all is said and done, they don’t even try to pretend to be human. It’s like living with a lifeless robot.

And having a cold, lifeless Androgynous humanoid lying next to you in bed isn’t really the same as having a real partner. There’s no warmth, no tenderness, no real connection. It’s almost like an eternal one night stand. No matter how perfect and lifelike the doll may look, there will never be that real life connection.

Even if you do get some use out of your silicon sex doll, eventually the novelty will wear off and you’ll be left with this cold, lifeless doll. And it will start to become a bit depressing. It reminds me of the old saying, “If you love something, set it free.”

At the end of the day, the coldness of a silicon sex doll can’t be denied. You could certainly argue that it provides some comfort or pleasure, sex dolls but it just isn’t the same as having a real person in your life.

So, my opinion? I’d say, no, silicon sex dolls can’t replace the real thing. They may be convenient and easy to use, but they’ll never compare to the real thing.

The next 4 sections focus on the possible uses of silicon sex dolls.

Firstly, they can be a great tool for people looking for an easy way to experiment with their sexuality. For those of us who don’t feel safe or comfortable exploring sexuality with another person, owning a silicon sex doll can be a great way to explore your own desires and fantasies without having to worry about rejection or embarrassment. Plus, you can keep them private in your own home.

Secondly, silicon sex dolls can be used topractice certain sexual techniques. Since they don’t move or talk, you can get creative and practice different techniques or positions without feeling pressure or anxiety. It can be a great way to familiarize yourself with different sexual experiences in a way that doesn’t put any pressure on yourself or your partner.

Thirdly, silicon sex dolls can also be a great way to explore taboo or challenging topics. For those whose sexual fantasies contain certain subjects that make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to express them openly to another person, a silicon sex doll can be a great outlet to explore those fantasies. And since nobody else needs to know, it can also provide an extra layer of privacy.

Fourthly, silicon sex dolls can also be a great way to practice safer sex. Because of their plastic-like material, they are less likely to spread any sexually transmitted infections. Plus, as long as you keep your doll clean and protected, you don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies.

The 4 Best Vibrators of 2023 | Reviews by WirecutterSo, all in all, silicon sex dolls can certainly have their uses. But ultimately, I believe they just can’t compare to the real thing. They may be useful for certain purposes, but when it comes to having a real human connection, they just can’t live up to the experience.