are dildos illegal in tx

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It all started one day when my friend, Tony, asked me if I knew that dildos were technically illegal in Texas. I was like, “What do you mean? How can that even be the case?” He said that for some crazy reason, it was actually a real thing. I just couldn’t believe it and Tony said that it basically goes back to a really outdated law that was enacted back in the punch-card era.

I mean, this law is seriously ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with certain laws surrounding sex toys, like not being able to sell them to minors. But to make it illegal for anyone to even own dildos just seems crazy to me. It’s like the Texas government is still living in the dark ages, instead of embracing the modern world.

So then Tony goes on to tell me how there’s even been cases where people have been arrested for owning dildos. Like, can you believe that? I mean, if you’ve ever owned a dildo you know that they’re totally harmless and that there’s really no reason for the government to be so uptight about them. But alas, here we are. It just seems so unfair and downright wrong.

So, of course I had to do some research of my own so I could find out a bit more about this strange law. After all, as uncomfortable as it is to think about, it affects all of us living in Texas. Well, turns out it’s actually against a really old law that makes it illegal to possess any “obscene device.” Talk about throwing freedom right out the window!

Anyways, from what I could find, Texas is actually one of the only states that has such a law still on the books. So, I guess if you live in Texas and really want to buy a dildo, you can always try eBay or something like that. But yeah, it’s pretty crazy if you ask me. And one thing’s for sure – I’m certainly not about to break any laws so I can get a dildo.