118 cm sex doll height comparison

As I was considering a sex doll for myself, i stumbled across a very important factor. Height. I never knew how important it was to decide the overall look of a doll before. But as I was doing some research, I found that doll height matters. Well, I was imagining a doll of the same height as me, that is 5 feet 6 inches. But as I was reading through reviews, I found out that 18 inches is the median height range for most sex dolls.

I was surprised, shocked even.I was curious to understand the rationale behind it.So, I did some further research to understand why 18 inches is the norm. It can be concluded that this height range is most preferred and used by most customers. Therefore, manufacturers target to make dolls of this height range a priority.

I quickly did the math of the measurements. 118 cm is roughly equal to 46.5 inches.So, the height of sex dolls are slightly higher than the average person but lower than most bodybuilders and taller athletes. It is the perfect height that makes it look proportional to its body size.

Furthermore, 18 inches is the best height for play. Not tower tall, not small. It is easy for most users to maneuver the doll and make it interact with them. Moreover, it can help to enhance the user experience and make it look more realistic.

However, Penis Rings being tall does come with a few cons. For instance, the price difference. The higher the height, the more expensive the sex doll becomes. Also, it gets trickier for the doll to move its body and get into different positions- one of the reasons for the 18-inch median.

It was initially a bit hard for me to understand why 118 cm is the standard.But after understanding all the features, it makes perfect sense! In general, the perfect sex doll height should make the doll look proportional and provide easy maneuverability for the user. So, it is nice to know that the 118 cm doll height is the optimum size that meets those requirements.

Now there are multiple factors that attribute to the selection of a sex doll. But, height is one of the most important ones.Now that I understand why choosing the right height is crucial, I am confident to make a well-informed decision that makes the best use of my money.

It is interesting to learn about the factors that contribute to the selection criteria of the sex doll. After understanding the specifics, it makes way to invest in a doll that is perfect for me. So, height comparison is the keyword now to me! I look forward to understanding more about it and picking one that is just right in terms of size.

Now, it is time to extend my research beyond height comparison. I want to understand the other factors that play a role in my doll selection. With a baseline of the doll height now covered, it’s time to look into body types, textures etc. The selection process is more comprehensive in reality than what I used to think.

This journey is proving to be enlightening. Not just about proudct selection, but about achieving the perfect match for me. It is satisfying to know that there are so many options for me to pick from and to understand the sheer complexity involved in a seemingly simple choice.

One of the most interesting aspects of doll selection is the variety of materials and body types. As sex dolls become increasingly popular, more manufacturers have created different types of bodies. Not just one size rests in the 18-inch category. They come in different body types and features, which I am eager to learn about.

So, I am excited to dive into the different materials, body types, facial features,and clothing options available for the dolls in the 118 cm range. I feel more confident to make the right choice now. Who knows, maybe I have already cracked the code while researching for this blog!